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Trading & training

For many years already, New Nordic Horses is successful active in Belgium, selecting and selling quality sport-horses. Trade has an international outlook, e.g. Europe, mainly Scandinavia, North-America and recently the Far East. New Nordic Horses is joining hands with some professional jumping stables in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Lots of promising show-horses and jumping ponies, but also good amateur horses, found a new owner through our business.

When you are in search of young and promising show horses, with this web-site we are offering an appropriate tool to make a selection of our present-day offer. Since we want to satisfy the orders from our clients, we are always looking for some interesting young horses. You can if necessary choose this channel to contact us by e-mail.

Another objective, besides regular trading in horses, is being the right contact in Belgium for any foreign horse-trader, looking for horses in any discipline. Always offering moderate rates, and a real time-saving solution for the professional. Always satisfying any order from a client.

New Nordic Horses is specialised in the guidance from riders to the level they want to reach. We give you the opportunity to aim for the best result and this in a cooperation that is unique. Clients training with us will experience a training in a very nice atmosphere. Of course we make sure there is a program of shows and training shows to follow to make sure we reach our goal! The combination of this professional guidance in this unique atmosphere will lead to success!