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AI center & embryo transfer

Breeding Services Offered:

New Nordic Horses stands stallions-at-stud for outside clients. Our veterinarian Wim Housen as well as our highly trained breeding staff technicians, are certified to collect, evaluate, and ship both cooled transported semen and frozen semen as well as to breed onsite mares by artificial insemination. (No live-cover breeding is done at New Nordic Horses.)

Of equal importance to stallion owners, New Nordic Horses also provides permanent storage and management services for frozen semen samples. Our attending Veterinarian, Wim Housen, oversees our breeding operation and has proven to be an excellent equine diagnostician and reproduction expert.

Please contact Sarah Vranken at +32 89 704 706 (best between 8 am and 4 pm) or use our contact form regarding New Nordic Horses specific service fees for onsite insemination, cooled transported semen, frozen semen and/or for standing client stallions-at-stud on our premises.

We will do our very best to obtain the best results for you.

Since 2011 we are specialised in embryo transfers. When the embryo collection is a success the embryo will be send to the embryo transplant centre of your choice in a special embryo-box. This way the option for an embryo is possible without the negative site of the time loss.