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About us

New Nordic Horses is an enterprise in the Belgian Limburg area, founded in 2004 by the Norwegian Camilla Hauglin and her husband, veterinarian Wim Housen.

We specialize in "crypreservation" or the freezing of stallion semen for artificial insemination. From our brand new European approved facilities in Meeuwen-Gruitrode we provide stalls for stallions of private owners, equipped with the latest technology for collecting and freezing semen.

Our facility also features quarantine stalls, where horses can be boarded waiting for their transfers to other countries because of import and export regulations.

foto Camilla

Camilla Hauglin

Camilla started training with Daan Nanning in 1988, later on she worked with Piet Raymaekers. For many years she competed in national and international events on the horses of horse-trader Hans Dings. After some time Camilla started a trading stable herself and she moved to Belgium in 2000.

foto Wim

Wim Housen

Wim graduated in 1992 as veterinarian from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Ghent University, and specialized himself immediately in horses.
The facilities of New Nordic Horses will soon host a full service equine clinic, equipped to serve your horse's health needs on a very high level.